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Getting Started in Disc Golf?

Are you just getting started in disc golf? Here are 4 short videos to help with the basics.

Putting is the most important part of disc golf. Once you improve your putting ability, your scores will be better. These videos do a great job of explaining the basics of putting form and other important things to know.

Once your putting is improving, it is helpful to have a backhand. A good backhand will improve your score significantly. Generally, backhands will be the way to throw the farthest, if your form and disc are good. This video gives good, simple tips on learning a backhand.

Forehands are another way to improve your game. Whether you need a shot that finishes in a certain direction, or you need an easy forehand flick, forehands are very important to your disc golf game. This video gives good tips on how to improve your forehand.

Good luck with your practice! If you need help picking out a disc, see our post on Picking Out a Disc.


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